Mar 19, 2020

Home Suspension Weight Trainer
To help “flatten the curve” of the Covid-19 pandemic, many of us have been finding new ways to stay productive at home. Earlier this week, I got to install a mount on our wall to hold the suspension weight trainer in place.

Here’s a sad reality. As I was doing some light exercises this week, I realized that certain muscle groups in my body have grown so weak over the years due to inactivity.

But here’s a sadder reality. In my prayer life, it’s not so far-fetched to say that there’s also been a lot of inactivity over the years.

This world crisis made me realize my need to develop the muscle of being in constant prayer. As I spent more time praying for people this week, God has been faithful in reminding me of the joy and delight that being in constant fellowship with Him brings.

With prayer, God allows us to experience some of the most amazing things in life. We see our needs met - exams passed, bills paid and promotion is given.

With prayer, we get a front-row view of His miraculous work - relationships restored, children with no support fed, diseases cured and souls saved.

But when we are not in prayer, we miss out on the greatest privilege in life.

When we are not in prayer, we don’t get to develop the most important muscle in our faith life – the faith muscle that acknowledges our complete dependence upon God for everything.

When we are not in prayer, we don’t get to say that apart from God, we can do nothing. We don’t get to admit that He is greater than we are and that He alone ultimately knows what is best in any given situation.

When we are not in prayer, we miss the joy of simply praising Him, thanking Him and telling Him how much we love Him. We don’t get to ask Him for wisdom. We don’t get to tell Him what is going on in our lives. We don’t get to realize that he cares even for the most mundane things in our life.

When we are not in prayer, we don’t get to experience the honor of approaching the throne of the most holy God and simply unloading what’s in our heart, its pleasures, and its pains, it’s troubles and its longings.

It’s not natural for us to pray because our default is to trust in our own abilities. But if we want to experience the greatest breakthroughs, the most amazing miracles and the most wonderful gift of being in fellowship with Him, we’ve got to be in prayer.

I pray that God would develop our prayer muscles more and more and grow our faith even as we go through this pandemic. May we realize that our prayer works not because we’re eloquent or well-versed but because the mount on which our prayers are hinged is the character and nature of God Himself.


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