Sep 21, 2019

It's no secret that raising boys can be a handful, especially for moms. And as I was watching you breastfeed Tobi, I thought that I had never been able to thank you enough for all your sacrifices not only in raising our two boys but also as you juggle being a wife, parent, and daughter with other responsibilities at home and in the workplace.

Today, as you celebrate your birthday, I just wanted to appreciate you for your love, service, and sacrifice.

Your daily sacrifices are not in vain.
You're making such an impact in your little ways.

There's something beautiful about you being so content serving in obscurity.

You are not after any prospect of fame or seat of honor. And yet, quiet diligence and daily faithfulness mark the way you live your life. You work with eager hands, trusting God with the days to come.

You are my daily reminder of how Jesus lived his first 30 years on earth - in simplicity. He was a carpenter who scrubbed off the rough edges of wooden tables and repaired broken chairs, serving faithfully and happily.

Let me encourage you today that as you remain faithful in serving God, He is honored.

What is unseen by the world is seen by Him.
No good deed ever escapes his sight.
It's okay to be forgotten by the world.
It's okay because the world may forget but God never will.
With Him, nothing gets lost. Nothing is forgotten.

That's the beauty of anonymity.

Happy birthday, Far! Thank you for everything. I love you.

You are that "good thing" and "favor" that God has given me.
You are beautiful inside and out.
My paradise is living this life pursuing God with you by my side.

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