Sep 11, 2016

I thank God for my family. I love my dear wife and I love our baby. Having a baby at home is both a great joy and a challenge. I say challenge because how do you develop spiritual disciplines when your sleeping pattern is often disrupted?

Thad at 4 months old

But if you really value your time with God, you'll find ways to spend time with Him and stop making excuses.

The bible tells us to diligently search the scriptures and pray unceasingly or else, we will fall into temptation.

Here are three reasons why praying and reading God’s word are important (the explanations for each point are quoted from Pastor Jim Laffoon’s preaching that you can watch through this link):

1)      Spiritual disciplines prepare you.

If you miss your preparation, you'll fail the test. What you practice when it's not hard, you'll do when it is.

If you only pray when you have a crisis, you won't know how to pray when crisis comes. If you only open your bible when you're desperate, you'll typically not find much. If discipline does not drive you to God, desperation will. One way or the other.

2)      Spiritual disciplines bring you peace in the midst of chaos.

The safest place for your life is not where it seems safe but it's where God has called you to be. The center of God's will is the only place to live. The deeper the darkness, the greater the light that's coming. The harder the trial, the greater the promise land. There are no great victories without great wars. There are no great breakthroughs without great battles. God's sovereign power is greater than anything you'll ever face. But if you don’t stay in the Spirit, and you don't practice the spiritual disciplines, you'll be blind to the reality of His presence because the darkness is so thick.

3)      Spiritual disciplines help you see clearly.

Unless you stay in the spirit, unless you practice spiritual disciplines, you're going to fail to see God's hand and presence even though it's there.

And when you asked, “God, where are you?”, you’ll find out sooner or later that He’s just there, you just don’t see.


Lord, I have your word on the palms of my hands. It's completely reliable. It will do me good to diligently devour and pay attention to it daily. It will bring light into the darkest places of my heart like the dawning of day and the rising of the morning star. Help me seek and wait on You every day. In Jesus' name, Amen.


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