May 22, 2016

“That’s not a unique role for you,” my wife said with a sweet smile.

I have a hunch that what she meant was, “Why are you doing what our household help can do? Aren’t you supposed to be spending time with me and our son instead?”

This happened the other night when my wife saw me putting plastic covers on our books. Blame it on the new bookshelf that has finally arrived after days of waiting.

But she was absolutely right in what she said.

As a husband to her and a father to our one month old baby boy, I only have two unique roles right now that only I can fulfill. All the rest, I can delegate.

1) Husband and companion to my wife

She needs me right now to be her chief support person
to tell her she's beautiful
to stay pure in mind while waiting for her to fully recuperate
to be by her side and step in to see that help is provided
to treat her with kindness especially when she's burdened down
to find a way to still have a date together to release some of the stress of parenting demands
to talk with her about her concerns
to cuddle with her
to give her a back rub.

2) Father to my son and overseer of the home

My son needs me right to make sure that all his needs are attended to,
to be the supplies guy - diapers, wipes, cotton balls, etc,
to be present for him,
to lift him up in prayer everyday,
to bless him everyday.

Changing the world starts at home

by loving and serving your wife and family,
by being a man after God's heart,
by having strong affections for his word,
by being strong and courageous and doing everything in love.

Be watchful, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong. Let all that you do be done in love. (1 Cor 16:13-14)

I like what John Macarthur said about our responsibility as men and the courage that we should have as leaders -

"Manly courage means contending with difficulty, facing challenges, meeting the enemy, contending with problems, bearing pain, pressing to the goal, never deviating from the truth. It means your life is defined by convictions."

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