Oct 1, 2015

This morning, I had almost two hours to listen to Seth Godin's audiobook "Tribes" while having my breakfast, exercising, and commuting to work. I’ve gotten a lot from it already even though I was only halfway through it when I stopped.

Seth's premise that a group needs only two things to be a tribe - a shared interest and a way to communicate - got me nodding and agreeing but it also got me thinking about the importance of making the big small.

Making the big small?

You can't help it. You have a need to belong.

But as your organization grows, the harder it gets to forge relationships where the need to belong is met. The solution to that problem is to form small communities within the organization where there could be a:

Connection -

Personal and small enough where everyone can greet you by name
Personal and small enough where they can visit you in the hospital when you're sick
Personal and small enough where you can open up your life

Culture -

Joined together by common interests, strengthened together by shared values and kept together by a unifying goal.

How do you create small communities within your organization around your goal where everyone would have their need to belong met?


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