Oct 30, 2015

Date Your Wife

Far (my wife) and I still laugh every time we're reminded of our friend who asked his wife if they can go out on a date. We laugh not because of how quickly and eagerly his wife responded with a "yes!" but because of how quickly she decided not to report for work that day. I figured nothing else mattered for her than their date.

I think, for most women, if they were to choose between date nights and reporting for work, there would be no question..

If you’re a man and you’re married, one of the best ways to tell your wife you love her is by prioritizing her in your schedule every week.

I can’t explain why it works in making her feel loved. But believe me, it does.

It’s going to be all toil and grind all your life but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying life with your wife. 

Enjoy life with the wife you love all the days of your fleeting life. Ecclesiastes 9:9a

Which reminds me. It’s Friday today. I better get going, pick up my wife and have our date.


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