Sep 4, 2015

Has this ever happened to you? You go to a mall. You get the parking ticket which happens to be a tiny piece of paper. You're a bit annoyed thinking, "why is there so much mess in the car". So you pick up the small pieces of paper and on your way to the escalator, you throw everything away. After about 2 hours, when you're about to go home, you look for the ticket and you realize, "uh-oh, how am I going to break the news to my wife without losing my dignity".

My wife knows someone like that. Thankfully, she knows how to complement my weaknesses with her strengths.

As a leader, it's okay not to be perfect, all-knowing and all-powerful. In fact, it's not counterproductive if you show your vulnerabilities to your team and let them fill in where you're lacking.

You can be vulnerable and still be a great leader. Here’s how:

1) Staff your weaknesses 

In short, rely on others.  If you've answered the Strength's Finders test, you know that you've nailed 5 out of 34 strengths. Instead of trying to duplicate yourself by finding people who are just like you, look for people who are so not like you, people who have different strengths than yours, and people who excel where you fail. And there will be more achievements and successes coming your way. 

2) "Only do what only you can do." 

Strive for simplicity and minimalism. Only do the things that you're good at or better yet, only do the things that only you are good at. If you do all 10 things, you do nothing. Prioritize and only do one or two things that you're the best at so you can be as effective as you can be. 

3) Be honest with yourself. 

Why? Because people already know that you have weaknesses and they're itching to help you. And the fact of the matter is, we were created to thrive only in the context of a team or a community, with the help of others and ULTIMATELY with the help of God whose grace is sufficient for us and whose power is made perfect in our weakness.


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