Sep 11, 2015

our baby at 7 weeks last week

If it weren’t for my wife’s reminder, I’d be unintentionally letting days slip by without praying for her and our baby. I’ve realized that this doesn’t come naturally for me and I need to do a better job in this area as the leader of our home. By God’s enabling grace, it can be done. And to form the habit of praying for our child in the womb, here are three things that I can pray for daily, starting today: 

1) Pray for the proper formation of the body parts

Thank you Kuya Roland and Tita Becc Saavedra for lending us a book (The Miracle of Birth) describing the baby’s development, week by week. It helps us know what stage we’re currently in and what to pray for specifically.

2) Pray for the baby's destiny

We'd like to thank Mom and our "Ninongs" and "Ninangs" for praying for us. Thank you Ate Weena Tusoy for your very kind commitment to daily pray for us and the baby.

3) Pray to be godly parents

"Heavenly Father, I thank You for filling Far’s womb with life. I know this precious little baby comes from You and has been destined by You from the beginning of the world. I thank You for this miracle growing inside my wife’s womb. I thank you that You are giving this little baby to us as a gift, but also as a gift for the world. We can't wait to see another image of Yourself come forth into this world and the plans You have for this child.

We ask you, Father, in Jesus' name, to hedge our little baby about with Your mighty protection. Watch over this little one each day as You intricately create him/her in the hidden sanctuary of the womb. May You sustain my wife in good health and vitality throughout this whole pregnancy.

May You fill us with Your joy and may everyone see the glory of God upon us as we nurture this precious life. Thank You again for this amazing miracle and for giving us an eternal soul that will live forever. It is awesome to think that we are part of something eternal.

I pray that You will keep this baby growing in the womb until FULL TERM and this baby will come forth healthy and normal in Your perfect timing.

In Jesus' name. Amen." 


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