Aug 28, 2015

I often wondered why Tatay, back in the early 90’s, would keep attending religious gatherings and jump one from group to the next. To be honest, I didn’t find the passionate, celebrity-like speaker, the tossing of handkerchiefs, and the loud drums offensive or inappropriate. In fact, as a child, I thought they were cool, they think out of the box and they were very entertaining.

Two decades later, I found the answer as to why my father behaved that way. A few days after his death in 2012, I stumbled upon his journal entries and I understood that this guy was in deep, deep search. Something was happening inside of him.  His heart was in turmoil. He was searching for answers. He was searching to fill a god-sized void in his heart.

My realization

The search never ends for those who are lost. The search never ends for those who are led astray. The search never ends for those looking at the wrong places.

The search only ends in:

The Creator not the Creation --

A big prophet-like personality. Assembly. Traditions. Prosperity. Ideals. These are nothing but created beings and things. They’re not the answer to your heart’s need that only God was meant to fill.

Believing Not Behaving --

Every religion will give you the requirements or a list of do’s and don’ts if you want to secure a place in eternal paradise. There’s only one exception - the one that says, it’s “done”, the one that says, “Yes, there’s a requirement but it’s humanly impossible to fulfill and so I’ve done it for you.”

Relationship not Religion --

I’m grateful that four months before my father passed away, he found his peace and accepted Christ into his life. He understood that the answer’s found in a relationship with Jesus and not in a religious group. He understood how much God loved him. He understood that he was forgiven. As a result, he was finally able to genuinely let go of all the past resentments, hurts and unforgiveness. His search finally ended.

If you’re in search like my father was, ask Jesus into your heart and you will be able grasp the true meaning of the gospel – “the good news that God became man in Jesus Christ. He lived the life we should have lived and died the death we should have died – in our place. Three days later He rose from the dead, proving He is the son of God and offering the gift of salvation and forgiveness of sins to anyone who repents and believes in Him” (Rice Broocks).

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