Aug 24, 2015

How To Deal With Envy

 Every leader has it.

When the other person keeps getting blessed more than you do..

When you thought it was yours for the taking and you were next in line but then, they gave it to someone else..

Kaka-inis (annoying)?  


Why Deal With Envy 

Envy, if left unchecked, makes your heart rot, producing all kinds of subtle evils like – 

Malice and evil suspicions. You ask, “Why was the other person chosen instead of me when I’ve been so faithful in doing my work?” All you see is what’s evil and unlovable in the other person. 

Deceit and hypocrisy. Behind your smile is a feeling that you’re more qualified, more competent and more deserving. 

Slander and dissension. Instead of building the other person up, you talk about his flaws behind his back and you find ways to discredit him. You feel like something was taken away from you. Your sense of well-being has become so fragile, it’s become hinged on the demise of the other person.

       How to Deal With Envy 

       1)      Acknowledge and Confess 

       Own up to it and confess it to God. You think no one notices it but God’s aware of it and He’s waiting to forgive and cleanse you. If left “unrepented” of, the fruit of your envious thoughts will eventually emerge. And it will impact not just you but those around you as well. I remember telling a friend years ago that I was kind of envious of how God was blessing him. I also asked him if he could pray for me. After that, the envy melted away and was gone. 

       2)      Rejoice and Celebrate 

       Instead of crossing your arms at God and sulking and throwing a pity party for yourself, rejoice and celebrate God’s goodness in and through the other person’s life. Why? Because in the total scheme of things, the big picture, the overall goal, “I” doesn’t exist. Believe in something bigger than yourself. There’s something bigger than your role and the other person’s role. And since you are fighting for the same cause and serving the same God, be reminded of God’s word that “everything he has is yours”. Work together and win together. 

       3)      Just keep following Jesus and build on what He has given you 

       When Jesus was about to ascend back to heaven, Peter asked Him about His plan for John. Jesus answered, “If it is my will that he remain until I come, what is that to you? You follow me!” John 21:22

In summary, when you feel envious, remember to acknowledge and confess it, rejoice and celebrate God’s work and just keep following Jesus and build on what He has given you.


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