Jul 29, 2015

The Approach of Termination: 

The absolute approach: Grace over Law

Although termination is fundamentally an act of implementing the law, the overall process should be grace-filled.

As the Boss who is ultimately accountable to God for your decision-making, ask yourself, am I honoring God and reflecting His face throughout this process?

Here are three guidelines to make sure that the whole process is done with grace: 

1)      Careful, Thoughtful, Fair, and Transparent 

Termination should be the final step in a process that started long before the actual firing. Throughout the process, the default attitude should be one of patience, taking the more time-consuming path of providing support, giving an opportunity to correct the problem, evaluation and more evaluation. 

2)      Follow the government’s law throughout the process.

Make sure that the person knows his rights and responsibilities - proper documentation, a witness if necessary, severance arrangements, etc. 

3)      Provide assistance to the person after his exit. 

To say that it’s awkward to check on a person after you fired him is a huge understatement. Be ready for the unleashing of the power of an erupting volcano. Nevertheless, reach out to the person and his family to see how they’re doing. Offer assistance and if possible, help the person find a new work. Help the family transition.

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