Jul 19, 2015

The other day, I heard an author cite 1 Chronicles 7:40. It talks about thousands of great men who all came from one person. 

When I read it, my spirit was profoundly awakened. It gave me a hope that yes, God can use one person to start His multi-generational legacy of righteousness, courage and faith.

One man’s leadership can produce thousands of other great men.

My hope is that this Scripture would help unearth the man and leader in you. May it help break the cycle of infidelity, substance abuse, passivity, and lack of godly leadership that has plagued your ancestry for centuries.

1 Chonicles 7:40

All these were descendants of Asher--heads of families, choice men, brave warriors and outstanding leaders. The number of men ready for battle, as listed in their genealogy, was 26,000.

Heads of Families ---

First things first. Each man has a huge responsibility in the form of a wife and family. Taking care of them is his topmost priority, his greatest responsibility.  A man cannot delegate his roles as a husband and father. He’s accountable to God for how he’s going to love her and raise them. A man cannot sacrifice his family at the altar of success or personal ambition.

Choice Men, Brave Warriors ---

Men of character. Men who are willing to fight for what is right. Men who take risks for God. Men who stand on their convictions. Mighty men of valor, eminent for their courage and integrity.

Outstanding Leaders ---

Skillful men. Men who can connect with people, chart the course for the people and inspire the people to do great things. Men who are worthy to be followed.

It all starts with one person giving his life to Christ.

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