Jul 9, 2015

Are you leading well like you’re supposed to?

1.    You’re not leading well if you’re not operating in your area of gifting.

Proverbs 18:16 (ESV) A man’s gift makes room for him and brings him before the great.

You have a God-given gift that will make room for you in this world. It’s your gateway to great achievements. Your job is to bring that gift to the world as a service to the people. But first, discover it.

For a person like Lebron James, finding his gift is easy. He doesn’t have to go around asking people what they think he’s born to do. He’s a natural athlete - 250 lb, 6’8, runs like a deer and jumps like a kangaroo. Everything about him shouts basketball player, not ballerina.

You may be leading in an area other than where you are naturally good at right now and you’re probably getting the job done. But you’re robbing someone else the opportunity to excel in that job. Stick to your area of gifting and delegate everything else. That way, you’ll add more value.   

What is your gift? Are you operating in your area of gifting?

2.    You’re not leading well if you’re not constantly and consistently developing your gift.

A mango seed is a mango tree. The tree just hasn’t shown itself yet. Similarly, you are a leader. It’s just that, most likely, you haven’t manifested it yet. You still need to be planted in good soil and be fertilized. Weeds surrounding you have to be uprooted. You have to be cultivated so that your branches, leaves and fruits will have a fighting chance of coming out.

So many people don’t discover who they really are because they’re planted in toxic environments.

Are you deliberately growing yourself and developing your gift?

3.    You’re not leading well if you confuse people’s interest in your gift with their love for you.

This is where things get problematic. Have you ever wondered why most celebrities, rock stars and top rank athletes who have lost their luster or athletic superiority suddenly get depressed, feeling abandoned?

First, know that anyone who discovers their gift and develops it becomes a commodity – someone for whom people would line up and pay to see perform, because people are wired to be amazed and drawn to excellence, achievement and realized talents.

Secondly, understand that people follow you only because they’re benefiting from your gift and not because they love you.

The point is, your job as a leader is to bring your gift to the world as a service to the people. Don’t be blinded by the attention.

There was a man once who served the people – healed their sick, gave them bread to eat, taught them how to live and offered them a free pass to paradise. But, those same people who benefited from Him asked that He be crucified. The man loved them and completed His mission still.

That’s how we ought to lead.     


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