Jan 7, 2015

A good place to start if you want to someday be able to produce your own food – organic, healthy, free and readily available – is with a few, do-it-yourself, water-regulating, plant bottles.

What I also find fascinating, in addition to how the bottles help the plants decide how much water to take in from underneath the soil at any given time, is how growing plants in such bottles communicates truths about discipleship such as:

       1)      Flooding the plant with water will kill it.

In the same way, inundating the person you’re discipling with information, thinking that doing so will speed up his growth, is one of the fastest ways to make him run away from you.

It’s because haste or hurry often gets you moving too quickly in an unprayerful and unguarded manner. As the bible says, “haste makes waste” (Proverbs 19:2b). In our world of superficial interactions, sharing God’s word in the context of relationship is what’s needed.

       2)      Not enough water will kill the plants too.

Some fell on rocky ground, and when it came up, the plants withered because they had no moisture. (Luke 8:6)

If too much water is bad, not enough is as equally perilous.
Without moisture or the consistent supply of God’s word, the heart, like the soil, hardens over time through the deceitfulness of sin until the person you’re discipling, like the plant, completely dries up and die.

       3)      Letting the plant regulate its own water consumption is best for it.

The genius in such bottles, which isn't in traditional pots, is the way the plants are supplied with water – the plants themselves decide how much to absorb according to their need. In discipleship terms, the sooner the person understands that the relationship with Jesus is his own, the sooner he’ll take responsibility for his own growth and maturity, taking in as much teaching as he needs, not according to how much you're feeding him. 


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