Dec 11, 2014

Before you start working on achieving your financial goals, first sit down and assess where you are.

Here’s WHY you need to assess where you are: 

Here's HOW you assess where you are:

List down all your assets and liabilities and track your cashflow especially where your money goes.

It’s not enough that you only have a rough idea in your head of where your money goes. You need to know the exact figures. Otherwise, you’ll always be left wondering where it went once it’s gone.

There’s a plethora of free apps that you can use to monitor your cashflow. But we’re using a simple excel sheet that my wife made. I love it because all it requires me to do is to input my daily cashflow and voila, I have the summarized computations.

It's like this:


Let me know if you want to use the same excel file and I'll send you a copy.
Happy Stewarding Christ's Gifts! 

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