Sep 24, 2014

A word of Prayer

Heavenly Father,

Soon at midnight Ill fetch my wife from work
The beauty I adore
The object of my desire
We'll have our intimate tickle and snuggle delight

But it's 10 o'clock now and for slumber's visit
I’m still anxiously waiting
Tomorrow's gonna be long, Oh I desperately need it

Grind's about to start
before dawn
Got to drive to Batangas
before the sun greets, hello
To get our freshly-picked "red hot F1"
and have them sold

Grant us agri-business' favor, Oh Lord
We do the manual labor
But you make the yield grow
May this undertaking be another missile of your dominion
That you launch successfully to alter this generation

Thank you for the strength
And your grace that's always oh so sufficient 

In Jesus name, Amen.


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