Feb 6, 2014

Takeaways from last night's Marriage Boosters facilitated by Jennifer Harley Chalmers, Ph.D.

I love you so much
And because our marriage influences all areas of our life
I want to get some things right

How do I make deposits to your love bank?
How can I meet your emotional needs to produce that feeling of “romantic love”?

What habits do I need to change?
What habits need to be sustained?

How can I be your greatest human source of happiness instead of pain?
How can I cause you to feel incredible attraction towards me over and over again?

How do you want me to show affection?
Will it help if we often have intimate conversations?

How do you want me to be more honest and open?
How do you want me to show that for us and our family, I’m committed?

How can I be your recreational companion?
How can I give you financial and domestic support?

On the Gift of Time

How can we steward our gift of time to make our relationship flourish?
Do we need to fight for our privacy
And schedule a time just for each other every week
Giving, say, 15 hours a week that’s of good quality
Prioritizing it over other lesser commitments
Engaging in mutually enjoyable acivities and merriments?

Let’s form a lifestyle and set of behaviors and habits that will sustain our feelings of romantic love.
I love you and I commit our relationship to God.


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