Jul 23, 2020

A garden stake is used to provide support to a young plant as it acts as a secondary backbone to the plant. It ensures that the plant stays upright as it grows. I had to use a stake for this "Maki" plant.

Our kids are no different from young plants in that they also need a stake or a support system for their development.

One of the ways that parents can support their children’s development is by cultivating a loving environment at home. It’s just amazing how at such a young age, children already know what fills up their love tank.

For our son Thad, we’ve noticed that he feels loved when we spend quality time with him and when we are affectionate with him.

Thad’s need for QUALITY TIME at 3 years old -
“Daddy, I don’t want new toys. I just want you to play with me.”

His need for PHYSICAL TOUCH at 4 years old -
“Daddy, I want you to kiss and hug me before you go so I will remember that you love me.”

As parents, we don’t always get things right but God’s grace is sufficient even in our parenting inadequacies. We all need His help to raise our kids to have a healthy fear of Him, to be confident, and to be self-controlled.

..for God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control (2 Timothy 1:7).

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